Seminar Series for Entrepreneurship Educators (Fall 2014)

The Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE), with support from the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, is holding a series of educational seminars for entrepreneurship educators titled. The Development of Young People's Professional and Entrepreneurial Competencies in the Entrepreneurship Education Process.

Program objective:

To train educators from universities, secondary vocational schools, schools and additional education institutions in developing courses and units on entrepreneurship that would be based on up-to-date entrepreneurship theory, taking into consideration the history/specifics of Russian entrepreneurship and the socio-political context of entrepreneurship in Russia. To help educators improve planning skills and conduct classes on entrepreneurship, implementing the best foreign and domestic entrepreneurship education practices.

Target audience: 

  • Faculty, teaching staff, tutors, mentors,treiners in the field of Entrepreneurship

Program content:

Seminar 1 Socio-economic Foundations and Historical Trends in Entrepreneurship Development
- Entrepreneurship theory
- Specifics of entrepreneurship as a professional activity
- Social and political foundations of entrepreneurship
- Background and history of the formation of contemporary Russian entrepreneurship

Seminar 2 Organizational, Administrative and Competency Framework for Managing Your Own Business
- Organizational, legal and administrative framework for managing your own business
- Organizational and legal forms of commercial enterprises
- Non-profit and social enterprises
- Entrepreneurial self-management. Entrepreneurial competencies

Seminar 3 Ways of Managing Different Areas of Your Business
- Managing your own business
- Managing results, business processes and resources
- Managing the strategic core of your business and business modeling
- Modern enterprise infrastructure
- Methodology kit for entrepreneurship education

Seminar 4 Life Cycle Stages for Entrepreneurial Projects
- Pre-start step in business. Road map for establishing a business
- Generating competitive business ideas
- Startup
- Managing business at the competitive sustainability stage
- Terminating business activity

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