Modern competition

Modern competition

Modern Competition journal is the only scientific interdisciplinary publication in Russia that is dedicated entirely to the issues of entrepreneurship and competition. Since 2013, Modern Competition is published in partnership with the Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE).

Modern Competition scientific journal was founded in 2007 and publishes materials dedicated to the issues of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competition. The journal aims to bridge gaps between scientific theory, its practical application by market participants and educational approaches in the sphere of entrepreneurship and competition in Russia by consolidating opinions from representatives who work in academia, education, consulting, government authorities and administration, and entrepreneurs.

The journal publishes original materials that include academic articles, analyses, reviews and transcripts of seminars, conferences, and roundtables on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial competition, as well as educational materials, academic programs, interviews with entrepreneurs and experts in the field of entrepreneurship education and development, and more.

The journal actively cooperates with a number of universities, colleges and schools, publicizing or organizing specialized seminars and conferences.

Entrepreneurship Columns:

1.      Entrepreneurship education (universities, colleges, technical schools):             

1.      Case studies

2.      Course programs

3.      Business and role playing games

4.      Workshops

5.      Textbook reviews

6.      Competency building approach

7.      Student project and thesis topics

2.      International approaches to entrepreneurship education

3.      Professional entrepreneurship theory questions

4.      Managing your own business

5.      Entrepreneurship policies

6.      Entrepreneurship psychology and sociology

7.      Technological entrepreneurship

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