Educational Standarts Entrepreneurship

Educational Standarts Entrepreneurship

The development of an entrepreneurship education system in Russia is the key objective of the Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE). A standard for entrepreneurship education being currently developed by the RUAEE will be integral elements of this system.

The following parties are involved in developing the standard:

The idea to create a set of standards for entrepreneurship education receives tremendous support from state authorities and administrative bodies, the Government of Moscow, leading Russian universities and associations, as well as business associations. The document being developed significantly differs from existing educational standards for managers, economists and innovation specialists.

The approach is based on the development of professional entrepreneurial competencies in the field of establishing and managing a business, launching startups, redesigning business processes, fair competitive behavior, entrepreneurial self-management, business protection, the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, ensuring corporate social responsibility, etc.

The standards will include specializations such as Social Entrepreneurship, Technological Entrepreneurship, and more.

Social Entrepreneurship Specialization

The development of the Social Entrepreneurship specialization majors, minor concentration tvack is an especially significant part of the work in progress. The students who elect to enroll in this specialization will have to focus not only on the knowledge and skills necessary to establish and manage an enterprise, but also the knowledge and skills required to identify social problems, create ways and algorithms to help solve these problems, and the ability to balance the social and commercial aspects of business.

The development of the Social Entrepreneurship specialization is implemented with support from the Fund of Regional and Social Programs “Our Future”, which has extensive experience in implementing educational programs in the sphere of social entrepreneurship.

Future Plans

Our plans include the widespread popularization of the standards, as well as expert assessments in leading entrepreneurship associations in Russia and abroad, specialized associations, Russian universities, governmental and administrative bodies, the Government of Moscow, and renowned international expert and professional associations. 

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