Dynamic Entrepreneurship Classroom

Dynamic Entrepreneurship Classroom

The Center for Entrepreneurship and the Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE) are implementing an educational program for Russian educators that will help them develop entrepreneurship programs in their schools. The Dynamic Entrepreneurship Classroom course provides teachers with the knowledge of teaching methods focused on the practice and development of business skills, which certainly improves the skills of teachers in the training of future entrepreneurs.

Objectives of the dynamic model of entrepreneurship education


  • To assist those who are starting to teach entrepreneurship, including both teachers and entrepreneurs, in learning the best teaching methods
  • To give participants an opportunity to develop an entrepreneurship course program with the help of experienced entrepreneurship educators
  • To learn from the experience of people of various backgrounds who now work in the field of entrepreneurship education, and share this experience with others
  • To introduce a number of truly creative and highly effective educational approaches that focus on practical application and include specific examples, business plans, participation of practicing entrepreneurs, and game-based learning that functions according to the “learn while playing” principle
  • To use simple but efficient entrepreneurship course structure
  • To demonstrate efficient teaching methods through observing leading educators
  • To share ideas on specific entrepreneurship education issues such as: how to begin a lesson, how to develop a creative program, and much more
  • To introduce participants to an extensive resource base and help them create a system for searching for and involving educators

Information on seminar leaders below: 

Dr. Ray Smilor, internationally renowned expert in the field of entrepreneurship, Professor at the Innovation and Technology Department, Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University. Author, public figure, investor, consultant and educator. Ray Smilor has extensive experience in developing and teaching entrepreneurship programs in various countries, including Russia. Ray is the author or chief editor of fifteen books on entrepreneurship, including Daring Visionaries: How Entrepreneurs Build Companies, Inspire Allegiance, and Create Wealth. Prentice Hall is preparing to publish another book by Raymond Smilor: Entrepreneurial Leadership.           
 1.2.png Michael Morris is the Head of N. Malone Mitchell Chair in Entrepreneurship and Head of the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. Previously, he was the Head of the Witting Chair at Syracuse University. According to ratings published by US News and World Report, Fortune Small Business, and The Princeton Review/ Entrepreneur, his entrepreneurship programs are consistently ranked in the top ten programs in his field. A widely published author and researcher, Dr. Morris has written six books and over one hundred scholarly articles. Dr. Morris is currently President of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) and the founder of three companies. 
 1.3.png      Minet Schindehutte is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Syracuse University Whitman School of Management. Dr. Schindehutte was born in South Africa and worked as an educator in the private sector. Her professional background also includes technical marketing, brand management, and other activities related to entrepreneurship. Aside from other courses, she teaches Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management. Her research interests include exploring connections between entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy; entrepreneurship in unfavorable conditions; factors that affect performance.

Galina Shirokova is a Professor at the Strategic and International Management Department, St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. She teaches the courses Change Management, Growth Management and General Management for EMBA, Master’s and undergraduate programs. Her academic interests include entrepreneurship, organizational life cycle and organizational changes. Galina is the author of over 30 articles in academic journals and 15 case studies based on Russian entrepreneurial firms. She is currently the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the SPBU Higher School of Management. Dr. Shirokova is also a member of the Board of Directors at the Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE) and a member of EURAM (European Academy of Management) and ECSB (European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship).

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