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In January 2019, held the Annual conference of the American Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) in St. Pete Beach, USA.

Executive Director of the Association D. Mozhzhukhin took part in the conference and made a report, prepared by a team consisting Rubin B. Yu., Ilin A., Mozhzhukhin D., on the theme: "Competencies in Competition Actions Performance Formation in Bachelor’s Degree Entrepreneurship Programs". The report was presented at the session "Entrepreneurship education", which was attended by teachers of entrepreneurial disciplines of universities: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Western Connecticut state University, Kookmin University, Lund University.

The next, 2018 edition (third) edition of Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy 2018 (Editors E. Liguori, C. Matthews, Edward Elgar Publishing) was presented for participants at the conference. The material of Russian authors was publishing in this issue for the first time, reflecting domestic developments in the field of entrepreneurship education (Rubin Yu., Lednev M., D. Mozhzhukhin, Entrepreneurship education in action: a matrix of competencies for bachelor's degree program).

D. Mozhzhukhin also took part in the Board meeting of ICSB.

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