Mission and Objectives

A key challenge in Russian business development is the insufficient focus on entrepreneurial skills in the education system. The Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE) was founded in 2008 to bridge this gap and develop an entrepreneurship education system. Representatives from leading educational institutions, entrepreneurship education specialists, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and representatives from national business associations took part in the foundation meeting.

The Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE) is a specialized Russian organization that focuses on entrepreneurship education issues and conducting research in the field of entrepreneurship. The Association is aimed at making the best foreign and domestic practices available to everyone who wishes to master them, as well as stimulating development of domestic scientific and educational schools in the field of entrepreneurship.

Mission statement: development of consolidated proposals aimed at advancement and streamlining of the entrepreneurship education system in Russia in accordance with international standards, as well as social and market needs.


  • Elaboration of normative and methodological documents on entrepreneurship education development

  • Discussion of relevant issues, sharing experience, dissemination of best practices in the sphere of entrepreneurship education

  • Professional improvement for instructors in the sphere of entrepreneurship

  • Provision of guidance in developing educational programs, courses and educational materials on entrepreneurship

  • Conducting research

  • Providing support during participation in Russian and foreign scholarships, grants and tenders

  • Providing priority publication opportunities for articles and materials on entrepreneurship education in the journal of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) Modern Competition
  • Expanding opportunities for members to influence educational policy

  • Expanding professional networks for Russian and foreign members

  • Certification of teachers and educational program accreditation

  • Organizing national competitions

Universities, colleges, technical schools, secondary schools in Russia and CIS countries, educators who focus on entrepreneurship and related disciplines, business instructors, entrepreneurship researchers, as well as entrepreneurs engaged in mentorship and education can become members of the Association.

The Association is open to new members.