Board of Directors

 bezymyannyy.png     Yuri Rubin 

President of the Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education (RUAEE), founder and president of Moscow University for Industry and Finance “Synergy”, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Education, a winner of the Government of the Russian Federation Award in the field of education, Ph.D., Professor.


    Alexey Baboshin

Entrepreneuer. Ph.D. Researcher and educator in Synergy University

     bezymyannyy6.png     Igor Demidenko

Associate Professor at the Economics, Process Engineering and Management Department of Bryansk State Technical University

     bezymyannyy2 (1).png      Alexey Klyuev

Director of the Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship at Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, Head of the UNESCO University Management and Planning Department, Chief Editor at the University Management: Practice and Analysis Journal.

     bezymyannyy11.png      Georgy Laptev

Head of Innovation Business & Entrepreneurship Lab, Director of the Master's Degree Program Innovation Management (Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University), Ph.D.

     bezymyannyy12.png      Elena Pereverzeva

Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship of the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS, Ph.D.

     bezymyannyy4.png      Victor Sedov

President and member of the Board of Directors at the Center for Entrepreneurship

     bezymyannyy8.png      Eduard Fiyaksel

Head of Venture Management and Marketing at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod Branch, Ph.D., Professor

     bezymyannyy7 (1).png      Eric Hansen

Vice President at the Center for Entrepreneurship

 bezymyannyy5.png     Marina Sheresheva

Director of the Research Center for Network Economy, Director of Research and Publishing at the Lomonosov Moscow State University Department of Economics, Head of MSc Program in Marketing, Ph.D., Professor

 Shirokova.png      Galina Shirokova

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, Professor at Strategic and International Management Department,

St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management


    Vladimir Shchegolev

Coordinator of international programs, senior lecturer at the Business and commerce Department, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University